Grail Flex Scaffold – GFSv0.2 – Coming Soon!!

We are about to release a new version of GFS. This new release has tons of new features, bug fixes and an improved way to navigate CRUD operations.

Some of the new features for this release are:

– i18n Support. We now support all the languages that Google can translate. GFS builds up the message[_locale].properties files from the configured default language through Google Translator.

– Integrated reporting with DynamicJasper plugin

File Upload  (Image widget and snapshots through webcam)

– Package support

– Inheritance support (Perfrom CRUDs for subclasses)

– generate-all-flex now supports wildcards “*” (see documentation on how to use this feature)

– More widgets  (hslide, vslider, colorpicker, etc..)

We are also currently working on security features by including Spring Security ( to the GFS plugin. Since we had to modify several core classes to support the dynamic assignment of roles to services we still need to do some testing before we can release an alpha version.

You can see a new screencast on

comming soon Dynamic Jasper example screencast!!

You can download and try GFSv0.2-beta from:

or see installation on 

You can also check the code here:

Documentation is also under development. You can check the updated documentation with all the GFSv0.2 new features documentation here:

Please, report any bug on our jira 


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26 Responses to “Grail Flex Scaffold – GFSv0.2 – Coming Soon!!”

  1. » Blog Archive » Grail Flex Scaffold – GFSv0.2 – Coming Soon!! Says:

    […] Grail Flex Scaffold – GFSv0.2 – Coming Soon!! […]

  2. ggomez1973 Says:

    Flex 4 Beta support coming soon too!!

  3. Espen Schulstad Says:

    Do you have a release date for this v0.2? The beta looks good enough though 🙂

  4. mo Says:

    Great. Looking forward to the official release. Thanks.

  5. dersteppenwolf Says:

    do you have a mailing list related to the project?
    thanks for your help

  6. Simon Letourneau Says:

    Awesome, Im building something with your beta already.

  7. Rodrigo Rosa Says:

    Good work! When you plan to release the version with Acegi Plugin? =)

    • Ezequiel Apfel Says:

      Hi Rodrigo, we had some issues with Acegi plugin so we are looking for a good alternative. (gldapo, jsecurity, pure ldaptemplate from spring).
      Ideas are welcome!!!
      Best Regards

      • Rodrigo Rosa Says:

        Humm… So you gave up spring security? I have tried to make this work for several days but I have not had success. =(

      • Ezequiel Apfel Says:

        Hi Rodrigo, we can make work spring security, but we override several classes to support dynamic method in runtime and do not provide basic functionality so it need to much extra work and we will be out of standards framework approach. We thought changed it to something better fit our needs. In other words, we are creating some logic to support security functionality outside spring-security and ldap integration we will use gldapo.

  8. Roger L. Itai Says:

    Hi Ezequiel,

    what is, currently, the project status? Are you estimate a release date of the gfs plugin?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Ezequiel Apfel Says:

      Hi Roger, gfs is in development status, we had other asigments who delayed the gfs release. We hope a new release in early november since in october we will be attending to Adobe Max in L.A.

  9. Andre Says:

    Can we expect some news for the next weeks? I just started to read about gfs and got interessed about it, but the Spring Security is really important to what I am planning to do. What’s the current status of the project?

    • Ezequiel Apfel Says:

      Hi Andre, The project is in progress. I’ll release version 0.2 next monday.

      • André Says:

        That´s good news Ezequiel!!! Is there any chance you can tell the improvements of gfs?

      • Ezequiel Apfel Says:

        Hi André, the improvements are:
        – spring security integration (currently only available for login) via stark-security plugin.
        – posibility to group entities in a super tab
        – password widget
        – datagrid multiselection via checkbox
        – datagrid actions (buttons into row for any action)

        Since I’ve found some minor bugs the version will be released on Wednesday or Thursday
        If you want to try new features on GFS before the release, you can download GFS from svn


      • Andre Says:

        Ok Ezequiel, i’ll for sure give it a try! The release you talked abaout is the 0.2.1 beta release?


      • Rodrigo Rosa Says:

        Me too! I was waiting anxiously for this release!

      • Ezequiel Apfel Says:

        Andre, yes the version is 0.2.1 beta on trunk, but it will become 0.2.2

      • Ezequiel Apfel Says:

        Hi Andre, the final GFS’s version is in trunk, you can try GFSv0.2.2
        Doc is still pending, I hope get it ready among screencast and new tutorial early next week
        tips to use:
        – install gfs (stark-security plugin will be also installed)
        – grails stark-security-install-full (generates user and role artifacts)
        – open conf/Config.groovy and add = true
        – open conf/StarkSecurityConfig.groovy and change this ‘/’: Role.ALL_ROLES, to ‘/**’: Role.ALL_ROLES,
        – You can read stark-security doc to create user and role on BootStrap.groovy
        – run-app
        – enjoy


      • Nicolas Says:

        Hi Ezequiel, I wonder if this plugin version is exactly the same that will be announced early nex week? (I’m planning change previous version and don’t want to do it twice!).


      • Ezequiel Apfel Says:

        Nicolas, it’s the definitive version.
        I will publish a new post next week with doc, screencast and tutorial but the version is exactly the same.
        I hope release a new version (GFSv0.3) with new features like permission management, new finders and such in a month approximately.


      • Andre Says:

        Thanks for noticing me Ezequiel! I am on my way now to taste it 🙂

        Looking forward to read the new documentation…

        Once again, thank you for feedback

  10. Chrys Says:

    Hello Ezequiel,

    I found a small problem, when I send a project to run tests it simply returns an error because of starksecurity.

    I can not run the test program and the plugin, to verify its operation before I installed the starksecurity.

    My question is whether the current version of the starksecurity is really required or if this is a bug in version 0.2.3.

    By the way, this is the best plugin I’ve seen, only the video struck me.

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